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PLEASE take the privacy of living relatives into consideration when publishing information on the internet or other.
Basic facts about our ancestors' lives do not receive copyright protection, no matter their source, but please don't take credit for research, or other work, done by someone else.  Please give credit when credit is due



This site is currently under re-construction and will be updated as changes are made.  Thank you for your patience.

Bomak - dates back to Michael Bomak/Anastasia Dzumaga, mid 1800's.
- dates back to Réné Landry, France, 1634.
Morrey - dates back to Thomas Morrey, Sr, England, born June 12, 1818.
Porelle - dates back to Jean Porelle, France, early 1700's.
Rondeau - dates back to Michel Rondeau/Sara Comtois, France,  late 1500's.
Weedon - dates back to Augusta Frances Weedon, England, 1800's
Yetcishin - several different spellings include Jacyszyn, Yacheshyn, Yakshyshen, early 1900's.

A little about me...

When I was a young girl, I put together a "Family Tree" as a school project.  It was then that I first became interested in genealogy.  I never really got too serious about it until I completed high school.

A few years later, when my husband and I first met, I discovered that he also had the same interest, and that he had been working on his Family Tree as well.  Together we find it very interesting and exciting.  Hopefully, when our son is older, he will have the same interest and carry on with our research.

- Allison M. Rondeau

- to be a forum providing visitors with information on our family as well as information on sites found to be interesting and/or useful;  
- to assist others in preserving their family's history as well as finding new connections to our family;
- to identify each and every relative, immediate or distant, direct or cousin, and be able to determine relation; 
- to collect, organize and preserve all types of documentation and photographs related to our family, and;
- to share extensive research results through printed materials and the website while, at the same time, protecting the privacy of living relatives and their families.

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Researching - If you are currently researching your family history, and would like your site and/or e-mail addresses posted at our site, please contact me via Facebook

Contributing information - If you have any additional information regarding any of the branches of this "tree", you would like to contribute, please contact me via Facebook. 

If information is found posted on this site, and you wish for it to be removed, please contact the webmaster.  

Thank you to my husband for his assistance and support with this website and all other "projects" that I may start:

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